Treatment Information

Termites can be a major annoyance. In large enough numbers, they can be a massive headache. The damage these insects can do to a building can be expensive if left alone. There are ways to catch them early on and prevent the problem from getting too big, using a termite barrier Melbourne.

However, not everyone knows to get regular termite prevention Melbourne set up. Not everyone thinks to get periodic inspections or to keep potential colony sites away from the structure. Since termites work subtly and rarely tunnel to the surface, the infestation may only be apparent too late.

You may have already seen the tubes. You might have had a support beam fall apart because its strength was compromised. You might be seeing clumps of discarded wings, a sure sign of the termite mating season.

Good thing there is no reason to despair, then! Termite control Melbourne offers a range of options. Many termite treatment choices can be used to curtail the problem. Depending on the scale of the building and the size of the infestation, you may not need anything drastic.

As the best termite contractors, Melbourne has to offer; we are ready to help with all of your termite-related needs. We are aware of the kind of damage that these pests can cause, and can help you not only limit it, but also prevent future instances.

From the very start, we recommend getting a pre purchase termite inspection, Melbourne. This helps make sure that any property you acquire is pest-free.

Scheduling a regular termite inspection Melbourne is also a smart move. One in every five homes in the city is at risk of an infestation. Getting professionals to check everything is paramount.

We can also secure your home with the best termite protection Melbourne has available. The termite barrier Melbourne options we provide are the best in the market.

However, if there is already an infestation, we can help too. Our termite treatment prices Melbourne are reasonable. We guarantee you will find our extensive range of termite treatment Melbourne options to be comprehensive. You are sure to find something that fits your situation.

Termite treatment is classified according to scale. You have spot treatments, which are built to target one particular part of the building. Partial treatments are larger in scale, covering entire sections of a home or building.

Finally, there are the rare full-scale ones that encompass the entire structure. These are often preventive in nature and are referred to as complete treatments.

One termite treatment option is to use bait. The process involves using a substance that is toxic to termites and applying it to the timbers and wood. This makes the wood toxic to termites if they attack, but is otherwise not harmful to the wood or humans.

This option is used as a preemptive measure during construction, but a termite specialist Melbourne can also recommend it to deal with a possible colony. The toxic timber can halt a colony in its tracks during expansion in some cases.

A termite specialist Melbourne may also recommend it after the use of a different treatment, as a protective measure.

If you have a severe termite problem, the most likely option is fumigation. Termite treatment prices Melbourne for fumigation can run very high. The process involves the use of toxic chemicals, which kill the termites but can be harmful to other creatures as well.

Fumigation can be a hassle since it requires the residents and pets live elsewhere. The poison can take a few days to take effect, so it is best to find some living arrangements during that period.

A fumigation is an option in the most severe instances. If the infestation is more than one colony or has been ignored for so long the entire structure is lined with termite tunnels, it may be the only option that could work.

Liquid pesticides are also a reliable option as Termidor treatment Melbourne.

Termite extermination professionals use a device that turns the liquid into foam. The foam is toxic to termites and can prevent them from infesting if used pre-construction. It also sees use as a spot treatment, spraying the liquid over the affected area and some surrounding space.

Liquid pesticide often sees use underneath a structure. The primary purpose is to prevent or eliminate termites that are in the foundation.

In some cases, the best termite treatment is a renovation, followed by prevention. Small-scale problems can be resolved by replacing the damaged wood and making sure to install anti-termite measures. This helps best if the colony is outside the home, rather than having already been inside.

Professionals must carry out any and all of these treatment options. If you need these done, call up our specialists and make sure they're done right!

We offer features that make us a superior choice for termite specialist Melbourne.

Our pricing is fixed for inspections. When you call us, give us the size of the building, and we will make you a set price.

Our professionals take pride in their work, and in their efficiency. Our team takes their time when it comes to the process, making sure they get every corner and detail. However, they also do not waste your time and make an effort to be complete and comprehensive without being time-consuming.

Termite control measures from us use the latest equipment and technology. We use the best tools and keep ourselves updated with new developments and discoveries. This gives us an edge over the termites and the competition, as well as providing you with a better service.

We believe in empowering our customers. We not only conduct inspections and apply treatments, but we also inform. Ask us anything, from advice on how to detect future colonies to what options are best for protecting sensitive areas of the home. Our experts will be glad to give you answers.

Finally, we offer comprehensive solutions. We do more than just exterminate. At your discretion and choice, we can also install preventive measures or point out areas of risk. Our inspections also spot other pests, such as wood-boring beetles or decaying fungi.

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