Termite Chemical Barrier Treatments

Physical obstructions are not the only options available for termite control Melbourne. They are among the most recommended due to Melbourne's native subterranean termite species, but there are other choices. These options can come into play if you need termite treatment Melbourne, but protecting the foundation is no longer an option or would require too much work.

A good alternative is the use of chemical barriers against termites.

Termites tend to use chemical signals as a means of communication. This has made termite control Melbourne problematic in the past – their senses pick up on poisons like arsenic and boron. Once they know the poisons are there, they avoid the trap areas.

However, while this chemical-based system can be a strength, it is also a weakness. With the right toxins or chemicals, it is possible to disrupt the internal foundations of a termite colony's ability to survive. Modern termite pesticides and treatments often rely on other chemical-based options; some see use as termite prevention Melbourne.

Unlike a physical obstruction, chemical prevention relies on creating a "perimeter" in the ground. Chemical barriers are used mainly on the soil. The treatment seeps into the ground and does its task. In most cases, the chemicals used are repellants that make termites avoid the area.

The compounds target the soil around the foundation, but also around its perimeter. This means that the immediate surroundings are repellent or toxic to termites.

Don't worry about things like ground water or pets. The substances used in this choice of termite treatment are non-toxic. Studies show they have no impact on other creatures, including humans and household pets.

If you are looking for a good method to protect your home from termites, but are unable to install a physical barrier, use chemicals. The best feature of a chemical barrier is that it can be implemented at any time, even after construction. It can also be used to strengthen an existing defence system.

Apart from a repellent, there are other types of chemical barriers. With advice from our termite specialist Melbourne, you can decide on which one works best for your home and situation.

We already covered repellants. There are also chemicals with halt the reproductive process of the termite queen, rendering the colony unable to replenish its numbers. Once this happens, attrition will eventually kill the infestation.

Some older chemical options rely on poisons and toxins instead. Many of these are boron-based. They are excellent deterrents, though the pests can use a single gap in a toxic barrier as an entry point.

Similar to physical barriers, the use of chemicals is not absolute. There are ways for the termites to get around these defensive perimeters. Like all termite companies Melbourne, we advise using barriers in conjunction with other forms of termite protection Melbourne.

Call us today, and we can provide an initial assessment of your property and a recommendation on what chemical treatments would work best. Don't let your home be vulnerable to termites. Let us secure your home, your investment, and your peace of mind.

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