Pre Construction Termite-Treatment

Pre-construction termite treatment Melbourne is a sound option. When you consider that the termite species native to the city is subterranean, protecting your foundation looks like a smart call. Sadly, this is one call that has a tendency to get lost in the joy and excitement of building a dream home.

With termite damage rarely being covered by insurance, it is up to the homeowner to figure out how they want to establish termite control Melbourne. The reactive way is to call for treatments like pesticides and fumigation.

However, being reactive can be costly. It means only doing something when the pests are already inside. Applying termite prevention Melbourne pre-construction is a sounder choice. You spend money now to prevent termites making you spend more money later.

One option you have for pre-construction termite protection Melbourne is the use of termite-resistant wood.

These resinous woods have an innate resistance to termites. Other variants may have chemicals used to deter termite attacks, along with repelling other wood pests. The use of resistant woods has a positive effect on protecting homes, keeping termites at bay effectively if other risk factors are minimised.

However, these are usually not enough.

Another alternative to resistant wood, or perhaps one that could be used alongside it, is to protect the foundation itself.

Melbourne's native termite species likes to dig underground. Only in rare instances will they tunnel to the surface, whether that's dirt or the timbers they ravage. Their nature means that the core means of entry for them is not through mulch or wood making contact with the home. They come in through the foundation.

Moisture, damage, cracks – all of these things can leave the foundation vulnerable. Before construction begins, you could choose to have a termite barrier Melbourne installed. This is done before laying the groundwork, for maximum protection.

A foundation barrier will rely on chemically-treated synthetic blocks. These have replaced older materials, like mesh and granite. These are designed to insulate the foundation and integrate with the soil. The chemicals used on them repel termites, both from the blocks and from the surrounding soil.

These blocks are designed to repel termites from making contact with the foundation. Against a subterranean species, this is very effective in keeping them away for a long time.

An alternative to the blocks is the use of liquid chemical repellants. In this variation, the fluids are used on the soil before the foundation is placed. There are no physical barriers, but the chemical acts in the same manner as the blocks.

A sound termite specialist Melbourne is more likely to suggest combining some or all of the above methods. Living beings that they are, termites can sometimes figure out ways to slip past defences. It is better, in the long run, to have a more comprehensive protection than relying on a single method.

Termite Experts can provide all of these options at reasonable rates. Our professionals can make an assessment and recommend which combination is right for your home and circumstances.

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